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BBW Sales Support-Myrtle Ave

Ridgewood, NY
Individual contributor position responsible for supporting the business on high volume days with the ability to flex into multiple roles including selling, cashiering, replenishing and/or processing. Drive store sales through personally engaging with customers, answering questions, perform demonstrations, and product recommendations.Responsibilities: Deliver friendly and efficient cash wrap experience. Reinforce customer buying decisions at checkout. Recover merchandise on sales floor. Replenish merchandise to brand standard. Process merchandise to be floor ready and maintain back room....
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Sales District Leader Designate Queens, NY

Ridgewood, New York
Successfully complete all activities included in the Sales District Leader Designate training program
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BBW Supervisor-Myrtle Ave

Ridgewood, NY
Supports delivering sales plan through effective execution of store and operational tasks as assigned and delegated by managers.Building High Performing Teams: Attract, interview, and retain top talent Responsible for leadership tasks as delegated by the store manager Provide individual and team performance feedback and recommendations to managers Train, coach, reward and motivate associates to improve selling and the customer experience Reinforce selling expectations, performance, results and accountability with all associates Assist store management in conducting onboarding and continued...
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